About MyGOAL Autism

By Steven Bier, MD

My Gateway to Overcome Autism in Life (MyGOAL) is a nonprofit organization that works to provide support to individuals and families coping with autism. MyGOAL recognizes that the divorce rates are much higher among families who have members with special needs due to the stress that can arise in day to day life. In order to strengthen families, the organization works to restore autistic children’s capabilities and functionality. To achieve this, MyGOAL provides a wide range of educational and counseling opportunities. The foundation focuses its efforts in a number of realms including prevention, treatment, advocacy, and support services.

In order to operate, MyGOAL Autism depends on the generosity of donors and dedicated volunteers. To learn more about how you can support the foundation, visit http://www.MyGOALAutism.org.

About Steven Bier, MD: Since 2010, Dr. Steven Bier has provided radiology services out of his private practice. He is an enthusiastic supporter of MyGOAL Autism.


Support for Families with Autistic Children

MyGoal Autism in New Jersey dedicates its work to empowering and educating families with children who suffer from autism. The recovery journey for these children often produces many challenges for families. Statistics show that parents of special needs children divorce at higher rates than other parent groups. Because the effective treatment of these kids requires the foundation of a strong family, MyGoal Autism provides family support services, particularly to those from underserved areas and lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

MyGoal Autism provides counseling through family support groups. There are different groups for fathers, siblings, and one designed to address the needs of new parents. One category focuses on how parents can create social lives for themselves. Additionally, the center provides marriage and family counseling advocacy services. To teach families tools for overcoming stress, MyGoal sponsors a Wellspring Life stress management class. Finally, the organization provides a series of educational seminars on autism awareness, treatment, and basic rights to education. For more information on services, visit www.mygoalautism.org.

About the author: Dr. Steven Bier serves on the Board of Directors of MyGoal Autism. A Radiologist, Dr. Bier attended the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. Steven Bier: MyGoal Autism Support Groups

MyGoal Autism offers a new class for young adults with autism. People between the ages of 16 and 21 with Asperger’s syndrome are eligible to take part in the “Get a Social Life” program. This weekly class teaches participants how to communicate more effectively and socialize with peers.

People with Asperger’s syndrome generally have difficulty interacting appropriately with others. They may also use language atypically and have trouble with physical coordination. Those with Asperger’s syndrome can improve their social skills through repetition and direct teaching methods.

MyGoal Autism seeks to support individuals and families coping with autism. They offer information regarding autism prevention, treatment, and advocacy.

Dr. Steven Bier has worked with autism-related nonprofit groups since 2006. He serves on the Board of Directors for MyGoal Autism.

MyGOAL Autism Provides Support Programs for Families Affected by Autism

By Dr. Steven Bier

Founded by Robert and Genevieve Kumapley, MyGOAL, an acronym for My Gateway to Overcoming Autism in Life, provides advocacy, outreach, education, and counseling for New Jersey families affected by autism, a developmental disorder. When the Kumapleys’ son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 ½, the engineer-pharmacist couple was able to obtain high-quality therapy and other services for their child. Troubled by the idea that not all families could afford that kind of support, they founded the nonprofit organization MyGOAL to serve all impacted families, regardless of economic status. MyGOAL endeavors to help families stay strong and connected by offering stress management programs, family and sibling support groups, marriage counseling, and many other services. To learn more, please visit the web site at MyGoalAutism.org.

About the Author: Dr. Steven Bier, a radiologist practicing in Maplewood, New Jersey, serves on the Board of Directors of MyGOAL Autism.