About Case in Point, an Online Learning Tool for Radiology Professionals and Students

By Dr. Steven Bier

American College of Radiology’s Case in Point serves as an educational online tool for residents, fellows, and practicing radiologists. Presenting scanned images from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammograms, Computer Tomography scans, and other diagnostic tools, Case in Point enables viewers to explore actual clinical cases treating everything from breast cancer detection to analysis of autism spectral disorder. According to Dr. Kit Shaffer, Editor-in-Chief of Case in Point, the tool is popular with residents because it gives them the opportunity to view unusual or complex cases they wouldn’t normally have access to. Practicing radiologists also appreciate the chance to fulfill their Continuing Medical Education requirements while sharpening their knowledge.

About the Author: New Jersey-based radiologist Dr. Steven Bier has contributed numerous cases from his own practice, including a January 9th, 2009, set of MRI images treating the issue of Autism Spectral Disorders and a 2008 case entitled “Breast Cancer Detection with MRI.” To view these or additional cases, please visit http://3s.acr.org/CIP/.