Myths and Facts about Autism: Q&A with Dr. Steven Bier

Dr. Steven Bier serves on the Board of Directors of MyGOAL Autism. He completed his residency in radiology at Mount Sinai Hospital and is a published author on the topic of identifying radiological signs of autism.

Q: What is the number-one myth about autism?

Dr. Steven Bier: I’d say the biggest myth regarding autism is that people affected by the condition all act the same way. The truth is that autism may manifest in a number of ways, some more severe than others.

Q: How many children are affected by autism in the United States?

SB: In the United States, less than 1 percent, or one out of every 110 children, are affected by autism. Generally, impairment expresses itself in one or more areas: impaired communication, social interaction, daily living skills, and repetitive behaviors.

Q: What is another myth regarding autism?

SB: Another myth, which I personally believe must be debunked, is that autism is the result of bad parenting. This is false. Although the exact cause is unknown, we do know that autism is a neurobiological disorder.

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